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extra-large HOLOGRAM SHEET (correspond to long jig)



俀俈們倣亊19們倣 乮correspond to Longjig520 or Longjig64丒300乯


FISHERMAN hologram sheet is very useful. For example image chenge for jigs or poppers,

Repair etc. You can be easy to affix on the jig, because the reverse side is seal.

The pattern is 5 kinds.



Star checker hologram

Color No.1丂

Tornade hologram

Color No.2

Square hologram

Color No.3


Diamond closs hologram

Color No.4

Amberjack hologram

Color No.5


1 sheet丂亸290-丂丂丂丂

1 set (4 sheet) 980-

1 set is in color from No.1 to 4乯丂


Size 27們倣丂倶丂19們倣