Big fish of Ogasawara Island


                                             Ogasawara Island (JAPAN)






 Fish…Longtail shark 150kg(presumption) release

Place…Haha Island offing in Ogasawara

Date…Aug / 2003



Line…MAXPower No.5

Shock Leader…SUPER STEALTH130lb












場所・・小笠原 母島沖







Big fish of Ogasawara Island


A reel began to roar suddenly.

The speed of the line jumps out increases further. Although I felt the hit  feeling is like an Dogtooth, the weight is Swordfish. In spite of the drag arrangement exceeds 10kg, PE line went away as pulled completely and mechanically.

I set up a rod, and I apply hand brakes to the reel gradually, with I bear intently. Still, PE line was prolonged into in the sea by 200m and stopped.

Did big fish faced some obstacles in the depth of water of 50m? The motion was stopped.

After I was tight the drag further, I pumped slowly with I thought that I was probably such at the time, If there was angler's fate. Big fish began to move again. Next a fish exchanged the obstacle so that a fish might approach the direction of a boat.

It did not become language although it murmured in the heart, "It is fortunate!"

A captain says, "It is moving to the depth of water of 60m, and the deeper one."

The rod drew the beautiful bent and the line pierced straightly from the point to the sea surface like wire.

20 minutes have passed.The depth of water of 80m and the distance of big fish and me is 100m.

If I’m not made a big fish to float this time, a big fish will go at the bottom of the deep sea.I was tight the drag, and I begun to pump, with pressing down a spool by hand. A big fish floated.

The 6 feet rod for amberjacks was borne, and PE line put the fish under pressure as if PE line tough also increased toughness further. After 40 minutes, we could look the fish shadow in the sea of deep blue. However, a fish stopped in the place of  remaining 30m. And a fish made the reel spool exceeding 20kg drag to reverse.

The reel is operating correctly, without going wrong an axis. When I raised the drag tension further, a fish began to float again.

1 hour has passed. The shaddw of fish changed to the form of a perfect fish. The hook hung to the caudal fin of a huge shark. “In this situation, Can we twist a rope to caudal fin, and land on the deck.?"

I said with a joke. And we tried it. After we raise the caudal fin on the sea surface, a rope was twisted around the caudal fin in the back deck.

The back door for raising swordfish is opened and the shark had been raised. It does not know when a big shark begin to riot although big shark gentle unexpectedly.. When we major the length, there was 2m22cm. Probably a shark will be about 150kg. We pushed out from the door which entered after we took photographs.

Then a big shark swam calmly, and I was impressed in my heart about the fish stock which has survived truly for 200 million years.


The SALT WORLD magazine.

Extract from“Fishing Trip in Ocean Road”

by Suzuki Fumio